PUBLISHER: J.H.BEERS & CO., CHICAGO; 1903     P.  506

JOHN BRYDEN KENT, M.D., one of the leading physicians of Putnam, and in fact, one of the best known medical practitioners of Windham county, was born in Truro, Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, November 6, 1845, son of Alexander and Olive (Archibald) Kent, the latter a cousin of the late Gov. Archibald of Nova Scotia.

James Kent, the great-grandfather of the Doctor, was born in 1749, in Alloa, Scotland, whence in early life he emigrated to Nova Scotia, settling at Halifax.  There he married Margaret Williams, who died Jan. 26, 1829.  He died Oct. 31, 1825.

John Kent, Son of James, was born in Halifax, but made his home in Onslow.  He married Janet McCurdy, daughter of James McCurdy, of Nova Scotia.  He died June 6, 1854, aged eighty-eight years.

Alexander Kent, son of John and father of Dr. Kent, married Olive Archibald, daughter of Matthew Archibald and his wife, Susan Blair.  Matthew Archibald was born in England (probably in County Kent) in 1754, and came to New England in early manhood, but died in Nova Scotia June 13, 1828.  Mrs. Susan (Blair) Archibald was born in 1758, in New England, a daughter of John Blair, who moved to Nova Scotia when she was seven years old; she died Oct. 5, 1847.

John Bryden Kent received his early education in the schools of his native place, and graduated from the provincial academy in 1864, subsequently spending one year in a boys’ preparatory school.  Having a strong inclination toward the medical profession, he took up the study with Dr. Charles Bent, of Truro, and later went to Boston, Mass., where he entered Harvard College, graduating in 1869 from the Medical Department of that university, with the degree of M.D.  Following that event he came to Putnam and began the practice of his chosen profession, which he has continued there for the past thirty-three years, the extensive practice which he has built up extending into a number of the surrounding towns.  In 1882 he took a special course in gynecology at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City, and has since made a specialty of that branch in his practice.  In the winter of 1890-91 he went to Berlin, Germany, where he took a course in the Medical Department of the University of Berlin, receiving a diploma.  In 1895-96 he took a course in the New York Polyclinic, a school of medicine for graduates.  Dr. Kent is a close student, and loves his chosen calling, in the progress of which he takes a very deep interest.  He is especially devoted to surgery, and has given much of his time to its study and practice.  He is a member of the Windham County Medical Society, and has filled the offices of secretary and president of same; is a member of the State Medical Society, and has been a member of its Legislative standing committee for the past ten years; and a member of the American Medical Association, in which latter he has represented his county and State as a delegate seven times.  From the State Medical Society he received appointment to a membership on the first State board of examiners, which he held for five years.  During Harrison’s administration he was appointed medical examiner for the pension board at Norwich, and acted as president of the board.  He fills the office of post surgeon for Windham county, is examining physician appointed by the county coroner, and examiner for a large number of insurance companies, as well as for the A.O.U.W. and the I.O.O.F., in which fraternities he holds membership.  He is surgeon for the Day-Kimball Hospital.  Dr. Kent is, as may be inferred, a man of ardent public spirit.  He is well read and takes an intelligent interest in all public questions, his opinions on which are highly regarded.  The Doctor has ever evinced a deep interest in the cause of education, and served as a member of the school board for twenty-five years, during a greater part of the time acting as chairman of the board.  He has become widely known in his section, both as an able professional man and a useful citizen, and he enjoys the esteem of a wide circle.

In 1872, in Putnam, Dr. Kent married Helen Abbie Manning, only child of the late Hon. James W. Manning, of Putnam, and one child has blessed this union, James Manning, born Aug. 14, 1876.  He graduated from the Putnam high school, attended the Cushing, Mass., Academy, where he prepared himself for college, and subsequently entered Brown University, from which institution he was graduated in 1899, since when he has been a student at the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons.  Mrs. Kent is a lady of culture and refinement.  She is a member and has served as regent of Elizabeth Porter Putnam Chapter, D.A.R., of Putnam.  The Doctor is a Republican in political connection, and, with his wife, is a member of the Baptist Church of Putnam.  Mrs. Kent is active in all religious labors, and has been for the past two years the head of the Baptist Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of Connecticut.

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