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COMFORT C. HUNT, one of the most highly respected citizens of Somers, Tolland county, is a descendent of William Hunt, who came from Yorkshire, England, to New England in 1635, in company with the Rev. Peter Bulkley.  He settled in Concord, Mass., but passed his last years at Marlboro, where he died in 1667.

David Hunt, the grandfather of Comfort C., was a farmer, and died in Monson, Mass., while still in early life.  Hannah Stacy, his wife, bore him one child, Simon S., the father of Comfort C., and after she became a widow was again married to Wareham Keep, by whom she had one child, Lucy A.  This daughter married William Rhodes, and died in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Simon S. Hunt was born Feb. 1, 1807, in Monson, Mass.  His opportunities for schooling were not good, as his parents lived in a number of places in his native State and in New York.  About the time of his marriage he located on a farm in South Wilbraham, Mass., which is now known as Hampden.  This farm was owned by his mother, and on her death he inherited it.  For more than a quarter of a century he was engaged in its cultivation, adding considerable to it in the way of land improvements.  In March, 1856, he sold his estate, moved to Somers, and purchased the farm now owned by his son, Comfort C.  At the time of its purchase it was known as the “Mudge farm.” And belonged to Henry Fuller.  This place before it passed into the hands of the Mudge family was owned by the Dickinsons, and was the birthplace of Submit Dickinson, wife of Rev. Dr. David Dudley Field, and mother of David Dudley Field, the famous jurist.  Mr. Hunt remained on this farm for the rest of his life, and died there March 17, 1863, his interment taking place in the Center cemetery at Somers.

Simon S. Hunt and Persis Chaffee were married March 10, 1832.  Mrs. Hint was born Aug. 4, 1807, in Hampden, Mass., a daughter of Comfort and Persis D. (Skinner) Chaffee, and died Oct. 2, 1868.  To Mr. and Mrs. Hunt were born:  Simon S., born March 23, 1833, married Mary Durkee, engaged in farming in Hampden, Mass., where he died Oct. 2, 1871;  Comfort C., born March 30, 1835;  Jane born March 24, 1842, married Silas B. Cooley (being his first wife), and died Aug. 13, 1882;  Hannah A., born Oct. 27, 1845, married Frank V. Kibbe, of Somers, where she died, Dec. 17, 1880.

Comfort C. Hunt was born in South Wilbraham, Mass., where he attended the old red school house in district No. 6.  His native town was his home until he reached the age of twenty-one, when he accompanied his parents o Somers.  His boyhood was devoted to hard work, and after he was eleven years of age his schooling was confined to the short winter term.  In 1856 he went to the southern part of Illinois, where he was a successful canvasser for books, and he spent a short time engaged in the same business in northwestern Wisconsin.  In 1857 the panic in business drove him out of the canvassing field, and after visiting relatives in Michigan and Ohio he returned to Connecticut after an absence of something more than a year.  Until the fall of 1862 he was engaged in assisting his father in the farm work.  At that time he entered the United States Armory at Springfield, Mass., remaining about six months, when his father was taken ill with his last sickness.  Then he came back to the farm and took charge of it until the death of his father.  At that time Mr. Hunt bought the interests of the other heirs and assisted in caring for his mother in her declining years.  Mr. Hunt has added to the estate, and now owns about 150 acres of choice land on which he does general as well as dairy farming.

Comfort C. Hunt and Mary M. Kibbe were married Dec. 13, 1864.  Mrs. Hunt was born in Somers, Dec. 31, 1843, and died Nov. 1, 1888.  She was a daughter of Frederick and Naome (Cooley) Kibbe, and a sister to Aretas F. Kibbe, of Somers, whose life is the topic of a sketch that appears in another place.  To this union were born:  (1) Carrie P., born March 18, 1867, attended the Wesleyan Academy at Wilbraham, Mass., and married Dr. Howard Truman French, Oct. 13, 1891.  Her husband is a successful physician at Deep River, Conn., and they have two children, Marion E., born Aug. 15, 1895;  and Harold C., born July 3, 1899.  Dr. French was born in Hartland, Conn., Aug. 24, 1866, and received his education in the common schools of his native town, in the Wesleyan Academy at Wilbraham, Mass., in the Medical Department of Columbia University, New York, and was graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1891, soon after locating in Deep River, where he has developed a fine practice.  (2) Rufus C., born March 4, 1870, died April 18, 1871.  (3) Ruth M., born April 15, 1872, is the wife of Eugene Markham, of East Long Meadow, Mass., and the mother of one child, Gladys L., born April 7, 1897.  (4) Kibbe C., born Aug. 16, 1874, died Jan. 27, 1889.

Mr. Hunt was born and reared a Democrat; he became one of the first Prohibitionists in Somers, and is now a Republican.  A member of the Congregational Church of Somers, he was first elected deacon of that church Jan. 18, 1884, and has filled the position continuously to the present time.  He is an honest and hard-working man, with many friends in the community.

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