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HALL.   The Hall family, which is worthily represented in Tolland county by Frederick L. Hall, of Ellington, has been identified with New England history and development for nearly one hundred and fifty years.  Tradition says that one Libni Hall, who was born in 1764, came from England with two brothers, of whom one settled in New York State, and the other in Vermont.  Libni Hall became a farmer, and lived in Somers, Conn., where he died March 24, 1842.  He married Mary McGrath (or McGraw), a lady of Scotch birth, who was born in 1766, and who died Jan. 19, 1839.  Both are buried in the family lot in Billings cemetery, south of East Longmeadow, on the Somers road.  Among their children were:  Amos, who removed to Pennsylvania;  Luke;  Loren;  Zadock;  Clarissa;  and Libni Elam.

Libni Elam Hall was born March 1, 1794, and he became a farmer in Longmeadow.  His political affiliations were with the Democratic party.  On April 7, 1822, he married Laura W. Morgan, who was born Nov. 9, 1797, and who died at Longmeadow Sept. 13, 1858.  He died there Dec. 9, 1861.  He attended the Congregational Church of which his wife was an active member.  Their children were:  (1) Elam G., born April 9, 1823, married June 29, 1854, Julia L. Hall, who was born May 13, 1833, daughter of Seth B. and Julia B. Hall, of Somers.  Their children were:  William G., who married Mary Ida Patterson, daughter of Almon and Mary Ethel (Haines) Patterson, of near Londonderry, Vt., and has four children, Alice G., Donald W., H. Arnold and Esther Gertrude; and Gertrude J., who married June 30, 1891, Edward Pitts Sloane, of Springfield, Mass., and has two children, Harold H., and Marion.  (2) Laura E. was born Sept. 18, 1824.  (3) Charles was born Jan. 15, 1827.  (4) Louisa, born July 20, 1829, died Nov. 19, 1861.  (5) Samuel, born Sept. 18, 1833, died Oct. 2, 1833.  (6) Mary, born Feb. 9, 1835, died Feb. 10, 1835.  (7) George was born April 9, 1836.  (8) Marietta, born Feb. 28, 1842, died Aug. 23, 1858.

Charles Hall, son of Libni Elam, born Jan. 15, 1827, followed farming in Somers, and for a number of years, was quite extensively engaged in the meat business.  Part of his education was obtained in Springfield, Mass., and there he was as well and favorably known as in his own town of Somers.  He was earnestly interested in his town and its affairs, but aside from holding the office of justice of the peace in early life, he never aspired to office holding.  His years were filled with work, and his motives never questioned – so high was his reputation for integrity.  He attended the Congregational Church.  He married Julia A. Lull, who was born Oct. 1, 1830, daughter of Lorenzo Lull, and the following children blessed this union:  Isabella J., born Aug. 23, 1851;  Edwin C., born March 6, 1854;  Estelle C., born July 23, 1856;  Ada C., born May 9, 1859;  Frederick L., mentioned below;  Frank Hamilton, born April 18, 1869; and J. Merrick.  Charles Hall, the father, passed to his rest in June, 1898.  The mother still survives, and, having disposed of the old home, resides with her daughter, Isabella J., at No. 120 Westminster St., Springfield.

Lorenzo Lull, father of Mrs. Charles Hall, was born in Stafford, but followed farming and lived many years in Rockville.  His death occurred in Longmeadow.  On Nov. 27, 1828, he married Caroline Ellis, who was born in January, 1809, youngest child of Joseph and Molly (Dunton) Ellis, and their children were:  Julia A., born Oct. 1, 1830;  Augusta M., born Feb. 4, 1833, died Dec. 9, 1863;  James W., born May 6, 1835;  Dwight F., born March 31, 1838;  William H., born Dec. 24, 1843;  Joseph M., born Aug. 24, 1846, died Nov. 4, 1869;  Ann Celestia, born Sept. 14, 1848; and Celestine E., born March 9, 1851.  Joseph Ellis, father of Caroline (Ellis) Lull, was born in 1760, and died April 22, 1828.  His wife, Molly Dunton, whom he wedded in Sturbridge, Mass., April 23, 1784, was born in 1762, and died Oct. 5, 1847.  The children born to Joseph and Molly (Dunton) Ellis were:  Sally, Polly, Joseph, Elisha, Sally (2), Wyllis, Royal, Azubah, Clarinda, Natalia, Joseph (2), Ammariles, Beulah and Caroline.

FREDERICK L. HALL,  son of Charles, is now the owner of an extensive and profitable meat route over Ellington and Rockville.  His business methods bespeak for him the highest integrity, and he merits the high esteem in which he is held wherever he is known.  Mr. Hall was born Oct. 8, 1861.  His employment was in Wilbraham, and for some time too, he was located at Somers, before his coming to Ellington, where he has met with such well deserved success in his chosen line.  He has recently purchased the late Mr. Barrows’ property, known as the old Pitney stand, and has added a full line of groceries to his well conducted market.

Frederick L. Hall has been twice married.  His first wife, Lottie Smith, died in 1887, leaving one child, Mabel Lottie, born Sept. 20, 1885, who was a member of the class of 1903, Rockville high school, where she has taken a teacher’s course, including German and typewriting, preparatory to making teaching her life work.  On Aug. 8, 1888, Mr. Hall married Lillian May Allen, born May 4, 1866, daughter of Hiram and Ann (White) Allen.  Three children blessed this union:  Hiram Allen, born Jan. 5, 1891;  Violet May, born June 28, 1892, died April 4, 1896; and Lillian Edith, born Dec. 25, 1893.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Hall belong to the Grange.  Mrs. Hall and Miss Mabel are members of the Congregational church, to which Mr. Hall liberally contributes.      

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Linda D. Pingel – great-great granddaughter of Cyrus White of Rockville, Ct.


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