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GEORGE H. GALLUP, the youngest of the children of Daniel A. and Barbara P. (Gordon) Gallup, farmer and dairyman, agricultural implement dealer, and lumberman and government employee for many years, was born in Sterling, Windham county, Nov. 5, 1860.  Mr. Gallup is a member of the time honored family whose descent is authentically traced in the record of Ezra Allen Gallup, and in that of Avery Amos Stanton.

Until his twelfth year George H. Gallup lived among the familiar surroundings of the paternal farm in Sterling, and then entered the employ of his brother-in-law, James J. Williamson, an enterprising meat dealer.  After a year and a half in the meat business he removed to Brooklyn, Conn., and when eighteen years of age engaged in the livery business, in which he continued for about ten years.  He returned to Sterling in the fall of 1888, and locating on the old homestead, bought out the other heirs.  His farm consists in all of 200 acres of well tilled and productive land.  A model dairy is maintained with eighteen cows, the farm containing twenty-nine head of cattle in all, as well as seven horses. Besides leading in the community as far as practical and scientific farming is concerned, Mr. Gallup is extensively engaged in lumbering, and with his family of fine strong and helpful boys can accomplish a surprising amount of work.  He is also agent for farming implements and for a popular fertilizer.

Although a Republican in national politics, Mr. Gallup entertains independent tendencies in local affairs, and has been repeatedly before the public as an office holder.  His government service began when he was eighteen, when, while in the livery business in Brooklyn, he carried the mail, continuing for ten years.  On Jan. 15, 1890, he was appointed post master of Ekonk, and has since served in that capacity.  For the past seven years he had been constable, for three years he was a member of the board of relief, and tax collector for two years.  Mr. Gallup and his wife joined the first Brooklyn Grange, but when Ekonk Grange No. 89, was formed, they took a dismissal from the other grange, and became charter members of the new organization.  Mr. Gallup is also a member of the James Pike Council, American Mechanics, of Sterling Center, and he is a member, and on the executive committee, of the Windham County Fair Association.  Mr. Gallup is a broad minded, wisely conservative, and forceful business man, and his services to the community of his adoption are of the stable and lasting kind.  His integrity is unquestioned, and he bears an enviable reputation among all appreciators of reliable and strong New England manhood.

In Brooklyn, Conn., Oct. 20, 1880, Mr. Gallup married Mary E. Gallup, daughter of Nathaniel and Mary Ellen (Mathewson) Gallup.  Of this union there have been born the following children:  George Howard, born Oct. 8, 1882;  Earl Nathaniel and Carl Daniel, born Sept. 5, 1884;  Mary Ethel, born May 2, 1886;  Avis Belle, born Sept. 28, 1889, died Oct. 10, 1889;  Harry Gordon, born Jan. 3, 1896, and died Nov. 26, 1897;  and Gladys Gordon, born Aug. 22, 1900.

In their ancestral relations the history of the families of Mr. and Mrs. Gallup are identical so far as the children of the third John Gallup, born in 1646, and his wife, Elizabeth (Harris) Gallup.  Among the children of this couple were Nathaniel and John, and Mr. Gallup is descended from the former, while his wife’s family comes from the latter.

Isaac Gallup, son of the fourth John, was born in Voluntown, now Sterling, Feb. 24, 1712, married March 29, 1749, Margaret, daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Gallup, of Stonington, Conn., born Oct. 12, 1730.  Isaac lived in the homestead of his father, and took an important part in the affairs of the town and church.  He was representative to the General Court in 1768-’73, and died Aug. 3, 1799, at the age of eighty-eight, his wife surviving him until Dec. 9, 1817, also aged eighty-eight.

Benadam Gallup, born in Voluntown, Nov. 17, 1761, married, March 31, 1785, Elizabeth Dorrance, and died March 30, 1850, his wife’s death having occurred Sept. 28, 1810.  His second wife, whom he married Sept. 22, 1811, was Mary Wilson, who died March 28, 1858.  To Benadam Gallup were born the following children:  George, born Dec. 21, 1786;  James, born Feb. 22, 1788;  Margaret, born Jan. 11, 1790;  Betsey, born Nov. 19, 1792;  John, born April 6, 1795;  Nathaniel, grandfather of Mrs. Gallup, born Aug. 17, 1798;  Chester, born April 10, 1801; and Cynthia, born March 23, 1812.

Nathaniel Gallup, son of Benadam, born in Sterling, Aug. 17, 1798, married May 14, 1817, Sally Barber, and lived on the paternal homestead, where he died, May 2, 1856, his wife surviving him until Nov. 11, 1885.  Their children were:  Benadam, born Aug. 14, 1818;  Margaret, born Dec. 8, 1819;  Sally Maria, born March 18, 1821;  Lucy Ann, born June 15, 1823;  James, born Nov. 13, 1825;  Joseph, born Sept. 4, 1827;  Elizabeth, born April 22, 1831;  Hannah Jane, born March 13, 1833;  Nathaniel, father of Mrs. Gallup, born Oct. 18, 1835;  Chauncey, born Oct. 4, 1839; and Martha, born March 2, 1842.

Nathaniel Gallup, son of Nathaniel, father of Mrs. George H. Gallup, was born in Sterling, Oct. 18, 1835, married Oct. 11, 1858, Mary E. Mathewson, and farmed on the paternal homestead in the southern part of the town of Sterling, where he died, June 27, 1900.  To himself and wife were born the following children:  Janette, born Aug. 25, 1859;  Mary E., born Oct. 12, 1861, wife of George H. Gallup;  Julia A., born Dec. 2, 1863, wife of John A. Baton of Plainfield, Conn.;  Avis I., born April 10, 1872, wife of George Frink of Woodstock; and George S., born March 26, 1874, who married Sadie Dailey, and lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

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Linda D. Pingel – great-great granddaughter of Cyrus White of Rockville, Ct.


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