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JOHN FOGIL,  one of the successful farmers of Gilead, town of Hebron, Tolland county, was born Dec. 15, 1847, in Germany, but has made his home in the United States since infancy, having been brought to this country when but a few years old by his family.

Andrew Fogil, father of John, was a native of Germany, and came to America about 1850.  A poor farmer in his native land, and hearing of the advantages offered across the ocean, Andrew Fogil decided to try his fortune in the new world.  Being a widower he left his motherless children in the care of the good woman who had promised to marry him as soon as a home could be made for her and the little ones, and came to New York.  Upon landing he started out to find employment, as he had little money and no particular destination.  His earnest endeavor was rewarded with a position at driving a one-horse wagon, and although the pay was small he kept at the work until other offered in a marble shop where he was engaged as a polisher.  Working hard and saving every penny he soon had enough to bring over his children and the lady in whose charge they were, who became his wife upon arrival in this country.

About this time Andrew Fogil decided to leave New York and was employed in a marble shop in Hartford by a Mr. Adams, but after seven months went to work for a Mr. Sickle in Bloomfield, Conn.  After a year he had saved enough to make a payment on a small farm in Buckingham in the town of Glastonbury.  Still working hard and carefully saving his money he soon cleared off the debt upon his farm and at the time of his death was in comfortable circumstances.  He died at the Hartford hospital, of a complication of diseases, in 1885, when he was sixty-eight, having been a very hard worker all his life.

Andrew Fogil was married three times; by his first wife he had one child, Polly, who married and now resides in Ohio.  By his second marriage, which also occurred in Germany, he had:  Andrew, place of residence unknown;  Louisa, who resides in Germany;  Martha, who was married and died in Hartford;  Susan, who married and resides in Hartford;  John;  George, who married and resides in Hartford.  His third wife was the lady who accompanied his children to America and reared them as her own.

John Fogil attended the district school of Buckingham until he was fifteen, the summer months being spent upon the farm and in burning charcoal for his father and the neighbors.  When he reached the age of twenty-one he was employed by A.Roswell Strickland, of Gilead, who owned the farm now occupied by Mr. Fogil.  In 1872 Mr. Fogil purchased this farm from Mr. Strickland, going heavily in debt for it, but this he soon cleared off by his hard labor, and he now owns property of 130 acres, upon which he successfully carries on general farming and charcoal burning.  So successful has he become in this latter line that he now buys and sells a large amount of this commodity annually.  Before engaging in farming for himself Mr. Fogil at times sold tinware for Smith & Mayo of Springfield, Mass., travelling through parts of Tolland and Windham counties with a team, and meeting with much success.

Mr. Fogil was married in Gilead to Mrs. Cornelia (Lockwood) Moulton, born in Gilead, daughter of Timothy Lockwood, a farmer of Gilead, and widow of Lyman Moulton, who died in Hebron Sept. 7, 1864.  Mrs. Fogil died Aug. 27, 1899, after a painful illness of three years.  By her first marriage Mrs. Fogil had three children:  William F., born Feb. 15, 1856, died Nov. 14, 1875, unmarried;  Mary Frances, born May 7, 1858, wife of Frederick Goss of East Hartford;  Newton H., born Aug. 20, 1861, now residing in East Hartford.  By her marriage with Mr. Fogil she had three children:  Georgia, born Dec. 14, 1869, wife of James Coughlin, of Hartford, who has three children - Florus Mary, born in 1887;  Tamdest, 1889;  Vernon, 1891.  Clarence J., born Jan. 29, 1872, married Minnie Parks, of Hebron, and they now reside in Hartford; they have two children, Leon, born in 1889 and Florence in 1890.  Florence, born July 15, 1874, died June 10, 1877.

Mr. Fogil is a Republican in politics, and supports the candidates of his party, although his private affairs are so numerous as to prevent his taking a very active part in civic matters.  During a life of endeavor he has worked hard to support his family and has built himself up entirely by his own efforts.

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Linda D. Pingel great-great granddaughter of Cyrus White of Rockville, Ct.


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