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DONDERO.  The Dondero Family is of Italian origin, and is of the very highest respectability, of broad intelligence, and the utmost refinement, which does credit to any community, and finds its place among the best elements of any town where it might be represented.  

Charles Dondero, who died in Willimantic Aug. 12, 1890, was a thrifty and enterprising fruit dealer, thoroughly American, and of a most liberal and progressive character.  His death was practically at the beginning of his business career, yet he had made a substantial start towards the accumulation of a competence.  He was born in the village of Cornia, in the province of Genoa, in December, 1855, of poor but respectable parents.  When seventeen years old he came to the United States with but little more than his passage money, and for a time lived in Boston, where he was married to Miss Pascolina Bacigalupo, who was born near Genoa, and came to this country when a girl of seventeen.  She landed in New York, bur soon went to Boston, where she had friends.  The young couple settled in Boston, and the husband with his modest savings was able soon to go into the fruit and ice cream business at Milford, Mass.  In 1879 he located in Willimantic, at the southwest corner of Railway and Main Streets, where he began the fruit business which he followed until his death.  This ended a career that was displaying much more than the usual business ability, and which had already resulted in the accumulation of a considerable competence.  After his death the widow continued the business for nine years, when the oldest son took charge.  Mrs. Dondero is a shrewd business woman, and the responsibilities she assumed upon the death of her husband, were ably met, her management of her business winning the commendation of all who were familiar with the facts in the case.  

Mr. and Mrs. Dondero were the parents of the following children:  (1) Rosina M., born in Boston, graduated from the Willimantic High School, and from the Boston Art Museum in 1898.  She is now teaching drawing, painting and china decorating in Boston, and is a most accomplished young woman.  (2) John Charles, born in Milford, Mass., was graduated, in 1895, from the Willimantic High School, and is now conducting the business which his father established.  (3) Louis Nelson, born in Willimantic, was a member of the high school class of 1899 until within four weeks of its graduation, when he took a business course, and is now living at home.  (4) Charles John, born in Willimantic, attended the high school three years, and then took a course in a business college.  (5) Esther, born in Willimantic, died at the age of three years and seven months.  (6)  Esther Florine is at home.  Mr. Dondero had purchased the southwest corner of North and Spring streets, and greatly improved the property and since his death Mrs. Dondero has bought other property and built three good houses on Valley Street opposite the Normal School.

Charles Dondero was a kind-hearted and liberal man, taking much interest in his family, and his desire that his children should have a good education has been fulfilled by the widow.  In the community he had many friends, and was highly regarded by all who knew him.  His name is remembered as that of an honorable, upright and intelligent gentleman, and as a business man of approved integrity and honor.

Reproduced by:

Linda D. Pingel great-great granddaughter of Cyrus White of Rockville, Ct.


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