JAMES HURDIS CLOUGH  was born Nov. 14, 1845, in Suffield, Hartford Co., Conn., and is a son of James Leonard Clough, who was born June 7, 1807, in Springfield, Massachusetts.

James l. Clough was a carpenter by trade, and came to Suffield in 1842, having worked at his trade for about a year previously in Hartford.  In Suffield he engaged in his trade, and at the same time became a farmer and dealt extensively in garden products.

In 1865 Mr. Clough removed to Tolland and located on the Stafford road, about a half mile north of the Center, on what was known as the Drake place.  It contained 150 acres, and here in addition to general farming Mr. Clough developed an extensive berry business.

In religion Mr. Clough was a strong Baptist, being a devoted member of that Church.  Mr. James L. Clough was great home man, and had no desire for a public career.  A Republican in his political views, he seldom permitted his name to be associated with any public office. 

James L. Clough was married April 5, 1840, to Lucy Lavenia Sykes, who was born Feb. 18, 1817, in Suffield, Conn., and was a daughter of Alfred and Abigail (Stebbins) Sykes.  She died Nov. 7, 1893.  To this marriage were born:  (1) Francis Wayland, born Feb. 2, 1841, in Hartford.  He married Phoebe West and lives in Springfield, where he is a mechanical draftsman.  They have one child, Frederick West, born March 13, 1869.  (2) Aby Elizabeth, born May 3, 1842, in Hartford.  She died at the age of twelve years.  (3) James H.  (4) Alfred Beecher, born June 1, 1849.  He married Clara J. Smith, April 9, 1878, and died Nov. 21, 1883.  He was a good man, and the father of Edna Lucy, born Dec. 27, 1879.  (5) Earle Fenelon, born Oct. 28, 1850, in Suffield.  He married Nellie L. Arnold Oct. 10, 1878, and is now living on the old homestead in Tolland.  They have two children, Chester Irving, born Dec. 10, 1884, and Emery Maurice, born May 16, 1893.  (6) Roger Minot, born May 1, 1852, in Suffield.  He married Carrie A. Beach, of Meriden, Nov. 12, 1878, and is running a machine shop in Tolland.  They have the following children:  Stella Alberta, born Nov. 16, 1879;  Arthur Wallace, born March 12, 1881;  Gertrude Genette, born March 14, 1883;  Ernest Roger, born Jan. 23, 1885;  Leroy Valentine, born Dec. 1, 1886, died in infancy;  Raymond Minot, born May 5, 1889;  George Beach, born June 8, 1893;  Lucy Lydia, born Oct. 31, 1896;  Mary, born Aug. 13, 1899.  (7)  John Elliot, born Sept. 20, 1854, in Suffield.  He married Sarah Elizabeth Tilden April 11, 1878, and is living in Tolland.  Their children are:  Alver Esten, born March 2, 1879;  Clayton Sykes, born Dec. 2, 1881; and Walter Erwin, born Sept. 18, 1887, died Feb. 5, 1888.  (8)  Justin Edward, born March 20, 1858, in Suffield.  He married Lilla Pratt Whittaker, of Northfield, Mass., May 27, 1896, and lives in Orange, Mass., where he is a mechanic.  They have one child, Olive, born Aug. 31, 1897. 

James Clough, the grandfather of James H., was born in Springfield, Aug. 16, 1784, and died March 3, 1823, in Pittsfield, Mass., where he was engaged in the tanning business.  Elizabeth Popkin, his wife, was born in Springfield, Mass., Dec. 22, 1784, and died Oct. 28, 1816, in Pittsfield, Mass.  Their children were:  (1) Elizabeth, born Dec. 21, 1805, died May 23, 1814;  (2) James Leonard;  (3) Christopher;  (4) Sarah J., born June 2, 1811, died Feb. 18, 1899 (Sarah J. was born blind - she could distinguish daylight from dark - and was educated in the Blind Asylum at South Boston, becoming a highly educated teacher of music.  She married Mr. Morrill, who was also blind, and a musician and a teacher of note);  (5) Elizabeth, born in 1815, died about 1842 in Michigan.

Alfred Sykes, the maternal grandfather of James H. Clough, was known as Capt. Sykes from his interest in military affairs.  His father was Victory Sykes, and served in the Revolutionary army.

James H. Clough had his education in the home schools, and at the early age of fifteen years took up the work of life as an apprentice to the carpenter trade with A.B. West, of Hartford, Conn.  While working at the bench Mr. Clough developed a talent for free hand drawing and architectural construction.  He studied these subjects and after working at his trade three or four years decided to stop and devote some months to a more careful preparation in these lines.  He went to Boston, where he entered the office of George F. Meacham as an architectural draftsman.  For three years he was with Mr. Meacham and then began business on his own account.  In 1872 he opened an office on Pemberton Square, as the junior member of Appleton, Stephenson & Clough.  This business continued very successfully until 1879, when Mr. Cough was compelled to retire from the firm on account of ill health.

After his retirement, Mr. Clough came to Tolland and bought ten acres of his brother John E. Clough.  There he has built a pleasant home and outbuildings, and has gone quite extensively into the greenhouse business.  His flowers are readily sold in a number of Connecticut towns.  This business venture has proved very successful.  In 1901 he bought machinery for making baskets and is now carrying on the basket business also.

Mr. Clough was a charter member of the Tolland Grange, and is its present Master.  Mrs. Clough is also a member of this same order.  Mr. Clough is a Republican, though for a time he was active in the Prohibition party.  He was elected justice of the peace in 1900.

Mr. Clough was married in Somerville, Mass., Jan. 12, 1871, to Abby Jane Arnold, a daughter of Andrew Smith and Emeline Eunice (Kempton) Arnold.  Mrs. Clough's father in his active years was a saw mill owner.  He enlisted in the 16th N.H.V., Company I, Sept. 13, 1862, and was discharged Aug. 29, 1863.  He died May 7, 1901, in Tolland, where her mother is now living.  Mrs. Clough’s great-grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier who fought all through that war and was never injured by so much as a scratch. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clough have had the following children:  (1) Frank James, born Jan. 7, 1872, in Somerville, Mass., married Maude Adell Perry, of Wollaston, Mass., Oct. 27, 1897, and is in business as a dealer in provisions in that city.  They have one child, Alfred Arnold, born Oct. 21, 1898.  (2) Burton Andrew, born March 20, 1873, in Somerville, Mass., married Miss Ellen Amanda Wolfe, of South Coventry, March 20, 1900.  They have two children, Leonard A., born in Willimantic, April 17, 1901, and Alice L., born in South Coventry, Dec. 10, 1902.  Burton A. is an electrician in the Willimantic Light Plant.  (3) Harvey Burnett, born Aug. 21, 1881, in Tolland, graduated from Rockville High School, 1902, and is now at Amherst College.  (4) Grace Emeline, born May 14, 1883, in Tolland. 

Mr. Clough has made his own way in the world; he has applied himself closely to his work and has been a hard student all his life. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clough are both members of the Methodist Church, and are devoted workers in that communion.  Mrs. Clough is an earnest worker in the ladies aid society.

Reproduced by:

Linda D. Pingel – great-great granddaughter of Cyrus White of Rockville, Ct.


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