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MARSHALL BOLIEAU. Among the successful and well-known citizens of Stafford, Tolland county, is Marshall Bolieau, who was born July 31, 1846, in Senacus Ayer, Quebec, Canada, a son of Charles and Zoia (Frazu) Bolieau, the former of whom was born Nov. 3, 1810, also in Canada, a son of Peter Bolieau, a native of France, who became a Canadian farmer and died there in 1812. His wife was Rosette Leland, and they had a family of fifteen children, of which family Charles is the only survivor.

Until he was twenty-one years of age, Charles Bolieau remained in Canada, having been employed during these years in a sawmill. In 1839 he moved to Palmer, Mass., and was employed there in the Thorndyke Co.'s factory for a number of years, not locating in Stafford until 1861. Here he was employed for almost ten years in the George M. Ives cotton mill, but in 1870, he became associated with Smith & Cooley, and here he has since remained, being a most indispensable man in many lines of work, particularly in assorting flocks, etc.

Charles Bolieau was married, in 1839, to Zoia Frazu, who was also born in Canada, and who died in Stafford, in April, 1900, at the age of eighty-four years. Their children numbered thirteen, viz.: Zelda, who died at the age of four years; Peter, born in 1839, who died in 1882, in Stafford, where he was the boss carder in what was the Granite mill; John, who was born in 1841, and is a mechanic and a resident of Stafford; Marshall, of this sketch; Joseph, who was born in 1847, and is an engineer with Smith & Cooley, of this place; George, who was born in 1849, and is employed in the Phoenix Woolen Co.'s mill, at Hydeville, Stafford; Henry, who was born in 1850, and is employed with Smith & Cooley; Louis, who died in infancy; Amelia, who was born in 1852, and is married and lives in Salem, Mass.; Charles, who was born in 1855, and is engaged in the express business in Stafford; Celenda, who died at the age of two years; John T., who was born in 1860, and is employed with Smith & Cooley; and Napoleon, who was born in 1862, and is employed with Rawitzer Bros. Charles Bolieau, the father of the above family is without doubt, one of the most remarkably well preserved men for his years to be found in New England; which well along in his ninety-third year he is a wage earner, and bids fair to round out a century and more.

The educational advantages afforded Marshall Bolieau were of the most limited character, and after the family had removed from Canada and located at Franklin, Vt., although only nine years of age, he left home to find a career for himself. It was not long before he found a good home with a farmer by the name of Maynard Felton, and with him he remained for three years. His father owned some land in Canada, and when he went back to that country, Marshall accompanied him and attended school there for one winter. He then came back to the United States, locating at Thorndike, Mass., where he worked for a short time in a cotton mill, and then spent three years in agricultural pursuits. In 1861 Mr. Bolieau came to Stafford and worked in various departments in the Granite mills, for a period of five years, leaving there to accept a position with the Converseville Woolen Co., and for three years managed their dye house, later taking charge of the transportation department, in which he remained for six years. He then came back to the Granite mill, and was the second hand in the weaving room for several years.

In 1870 Mr. Bolieau started in the trucking business in which he has been unusually successful. In August, 1900, he purchased the entire business of a competitor, E.N. Washburn, and is now thoroughly equipped for all kinds of trucking.

On July 25, 1867, Mr. Bolieau was united in marriage to Miss Edna M. Puffer, of Stafford, a daughter of Elijah and Caroline (Trumbull) Puffer. For many years he kept a shoe store in this place and the family is well and favorably known. Both Mr. And Mrs. Bolieau are members of Mayflower Lodge, Daughters of Rebekah, of Rockville, and he is one of the prominent 32d degree Masons, belonging to Ionic Lodge, Orient Chapter of Stafford Springs, Adoniram Council, No. 14, of Rockville, St. John's Commandery, of Willimantic, Norwich Consistory, and Phoenix Temple, of Mystic Shrine of Hartford. In the orders I.O.O.F. and A.O.U.W., he is valued and takes an active part. In politics our subject is a stanch Republican from principle, for he has never been willing to accept any political office, although many have been offered him, and no one could serve the public more acceptably. Both he and his wife belong to the Methodist Church, in which this estimable lady is very prominent, being a devoted and useful member of the Ladies Aid and the Missionary societies. As one of the highly esteemed citizens of Stafford, Mr. Bolieau enjoys a leading position in the business world in this community, his industrious and exemplary life winning him many friends in social circles also.

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