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DAVID G. ARNOLD.  The Arnold family, of which Daniel G. Arnold, one of the prominent farmers and stock raisers of Thompson, Windham county, is a worthy representative, descends, as do also the Arnolds of Rhode Island, from forefathers of extreme antiquity, who were none other than the romance enthroned princes of Wales. 

William and Thomas Arnold, sons of Thomas, of Cheselbourne, England, by different wives, were the American ancestors of the Rhode Island family.  These brothers came in the seventeenth generation in direct line from Yuir, King of Gwentland, who flourished about the twelfth century, and who personally descended from Yuir, the second son of Cadwaladir, King of the Britons.  (I)  Thomas Arnold, son of Thomas of Cheselbourne, England, by his second wife, was baptized April 18, 1599, and sailed from London, England, in the ship ďPlain Joan,Ē in May, 1635.  He went first to Virginia, but as early as 1640 settled in Watertown, Mass.  After moving to Providence, R.I., he was made a freeman of the Rhode Island Colony, May 18, 1658, and was deputy in 1670.  He married for his second wife, about 1640, Phebe, daughter of George and Susannah Parkhurst, and his death occurred March 24, 1674-5, his wife surviving him until 1688.  He had the following children:  Thomas, born May 3, 1625, who died young;  Nicholas, born in 1627, who also died young;  Susannah, married April 7, 1654, to John Farmer;  Ichabod, born March 1, 1641, who died young;  Richard, born March 20, 1642, who died April 22, 1710, his wife, Mary Angle, having died in 1695;  Thomas, born 1645;  John, born Feb. 17, 1648, who died Jan. 5, 1725; and Eleazer, born June 17, 1657, who died Aug. 21, 1722.

(II)            Eleazer Arnold, son of Thomas, lived and died in Providence, where he married Eleanor Smith, daughter of John and Elizabeth Smith, the former of whom was a Mason, and president of the Providence, Rhode Island, plantation.  Eight children were born to Eleazer and his wife; their son

(III)         Joseph, who died Nov. 4, 1746, married, June 20, 1716, Mercy, daughter of Amos Stafford, who was born in Rhode Island, Sept. 21, 1694, and who bore him eleven children.

(IV)         Caleb, son of Joseph, born at Smithfield, R.I., May 26, 1725, died Feb. 5, 1784.  June 26, 1745, he married Patience Brown, born July 3, 1729.  He took part in the Revolutionary war, as did also his eight sons, and two sons-in-law.  Of his children, Ezekiel married Abigail Baxter, and reared a large family;  Nehemiah married Alice Brown, daughter of James Brown;  Lucy became the wife of William Colwell, and had one son, Arnold;  William was born May 31, 1751;  Jabez married Lucinda Hunter and for a second wife, Rachel Phettypluce;  Caleb married Mary Arnold; Othniel was killed at White Plains, N.Y., during the Revolutionary war;  Edward was a drummer boy during the Revolutionary war and was the first to enter Yorktown;  Patience married Ephraim Williams of Rhode Island;  Oliver was born in 1675 and married Sophia Walker; and Acsah was born in 1767 and married Jonathan Brown.  Caleb Arnold married for his second wife, Anna Arnold, by whom he had two sons, Arba and Joseph.

(V)            William Arnold, son of Caleb, was born in Smithfield, May 31, 1751, and died at his home in Glocester, R.I., May 9, 1836.  He was quartermaster of the Rhode Island department during 1778-79, and held the rank of colonel.  He married Iscah Malavery, who died Nov. 4, 1799, and who was the mother of the following children:  Nathan, born July 18, 1774;  Mercy, born Sept. 26, 1775, who married Elisha A. Hopkins, and died June 8, 1819;  Lydia, March 19, 1777, who married William Stone of Killingly;  Patience, April 5, 1779, who married William Alexander;  David, June 21, 1781;  Caleb, April 5, 1784;  Elisha, Nov. 30, 1786;  Mary, April 9, 1790; and Sarah, April 4, 1792, who married James Cutler.

(VI)         David, born June 21, 1781, at Glocester, R.I., married Polly Cutler, of Killingly, and had the following children:  Betsey, born April 25, 1803, who married Riley Page;  Alexander, Dec. 28, 1805;  Lester, April 29, 1807;  Azriah and Eleazer, June 25, 1808;  Lucy, Nov. 16, 1809;  Patience, Oct. 24, 1813, who married Riley Darling, and lived at East Greenwich, R.I.;  Lydia, April 21, 1816, who married Clovis Eddy, of Glocester, R.I.;  William Henry, Oct. 10, 1818, who died in 1830;  Harriet, Jan. 19, 1820, who married Manning Angel; and James, May 5, 1822.

(VII)      James Arnold, father of Daniel G., was reared to the farm work to which he devoted the greater part of his life.  He was also engaged in lumbering in Glocester, of which town he was a prominent and well known business man.  April 10, 1867, he came to Connecticut, and located on the old Horace Elliot farm of 165 acres in Thompson, near the Putnam line.  There he spent the remainder of his life in farming, and died, Dec. 23, 1891.  He was a Republican, but not an office seeker, although he filled a number of local trusts.  He was a member of the M.E. Church.  In Glocester, R.I., Jan. 20, 1847, he married Abbie A. White, born Aug. 10, 1830, who died Jan. 22, 1863.  For a second wife Mr. Arnold married Caroline M. Withey, born in Plainfield, Conn., Feb. 7, 1831, who died Jan. 13, 1901, and who is buried with her husband in the Putnam cemetery.  Of this union there was one child who died in infancy.  Three children were born of the first union of Mr. Arnold, of whom David was the oldest, born Aug. 14, 1849, deceased in August, 1873, and married to Emma Tucker, of Killingly, who bore him two children:  Bertrand E., who died at the age of twenty-four years; and Harry P., of Thompson.  Joseph Arnold, the second son of James Arnold by his first marriage, was born April 20, 1851, and died Oct. 21, 1851.

(VIII)   Daniel G. Arnold was born in Glocester, Sept. 19, 1852, and was educated at the public schools of Glocester and Putnam, supplemented by a course in Eastmanís Business College at Poughkeespie, N.Y.  On the home farm he assisted with the general farming, stock raising and dairying, the latter being carried on to a considerable extent.  Ever since his fatherís death he has been the sole owner of the old farm, upon which he has expended much money in general improvements, and in the purchase of modern and labor saving machinery.  He is a public-spirited and enterprising man, and though a staunch upholder of the Republican principles and issues, has followed his fatherís example of keeping out of political striving.  He is identified with the M.E. Church as a member and as president of the board of trustees, and is an active worker in the interests of the church.  For eight years he was a member of the State militia, and served as captain of Company G for two years.

At Putnam, June 20, 1878, M. Arnold was united in marriage with Mary F. Elliott, of Thompson, daughter of Sylvester and Mary A. (Jacobs) Elliott, of which union there has been one child, James Sylvester, born Nov. 3, 1886, who is living at home.  The Elliott family, of which Mrs. Arnold is a member, is one of the old and honorable ones of Thompson.

Ebenezer H. Elliott, grandfather of Mrs. Arnold, was born in Thompson, Feb. 3, 1787, and married for his first wife, Esther Clough, his second wife being Harriet Kelly.  The following children were born into the family of Ebenezer:  William D., born Jan. 26, 1812;  Lewis, Jan. 30, 1815;  Sylvester, March 19, 1817;  Alexander, May 21, 1819;  Sarah H., April 20, 1823; and Esther A., Jan. 19, 1842, a daughter by the second wife.

Sylvester Elliott, father of Mrs. Arnold, was born in Thompson, March 19, 1817, and died on his farm there, Aug. 17, 1871.  He married Mary A. Jacobs, who died Aug. 13, 1882, and is buried beside him in the cemetery at West Thompson.  Both were members of the Congregational Church, and Mr. Elliott was a Republican in politics.  To Sylvester Elliott and his wife were born the following children:  John J., Jan. 30, 1841;  Martha A., June 14, 1849, who died Nov. 8, 1896, having married Samuel A. Ross, of Rhode Island;  Mary F., May 27, 1854, who married D.G. Arnold;  Frank E., March 14, 1857; and Herbert L., Nov. 24, 1858, deceased May 7, 1859.  

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