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My name is Linda Pingel and I am the host for the town of Colebrook, Litchfield County, Connecticut. This page is part of both the US Gen Web Project and the American History Genealogy Project. If you have any information to contribute for the town of Colebrook, please.....please contact me via e-mail.

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The Barbour Collection - Colebrook Vital Records

Commemorative Biographical Record of Tolland and Windham Counties Connecticut
Publisher: J.H. Beers & Co., Chicago; 1903

Janet Krompier has volunteered to do "look ups" from "The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records" for the neighboring town of Norfolk 1758-1850. Please be as specific as possible.....preferrably providing both the given name and surname as there are many listings for the same surname. Also, please specify "Norfolk vital record look up" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Thankyou Janet!!!



Benjamin Horton 1765 William Simons 1769 David Goodhue 1771 James Hillyer 1771
Joseph Rockwell 1766 David Rockwell 1769 Joseph Langworthy 1771 Henry White 1772
Joseph Seymour 1766 David Viets 1770 Joseph Tainter 1771 David Pinney 1772
Nathan Bass 1766 Samuel Phillips 1770 Daniel Hoskins 1771 Thomas Feax 1772
Samuel Rockwell 1767 John Porter 1770 David Hoskins 1771 Pelatiah Mills 1773
Gideon Horton 1767 Jacob Ogden 1770 William Denison 1771 Andrew Buckingham 1773
Francis Griswold 1768 Ebenezer Shepard 1770 John Mead 1771 Stephen Russell 1773
Samuel Mills 1769 Joseph Bidwell 1771 James Mead 1771 Aaron Simons 1774
Moses Wright 1769 Eleazar Bidwell 1771 John Seymour 1771    
Hezekiah Simons 1769 Daniel Hall 1771 Dr. Asa Hillyer 1771    


Colebrook Resources and Links

If you have any reference material on or related to Colebrook and would like to volunteer as a resource, or if you know of a Colebrook link that would be appropriate to add to this page, please e-mail Linda Pingel

When contacting a resource volunteer, please do not forget to thank them for their time and effort.

Volunteers Needed!!! Your Name & Resource Can be Listed Here


Colebrook Historical Society, P.O. Box 85, Colebrook, CT 06021

Colebrook Cemeteries
Donated by Ray Brown

4 Small Cemeteries Baptist Cemetery Hemlock Cemetery
Colebrook Center Cemetery   Colebrook River Cemetery

Also....visit Ray Brown's Homepage

Ray Brown's Place for New England Genealogy

Thank you Ray!!


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For Additional Links to Interesting CT. Sites

Thank you, Carol Hanny, for your contribution to the history of the town of Colebrook - the county of Litchfield, Connecticut

:) :) :)

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