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Posted February 20, 2010

I am looking for any information on Julio Pieropan that once lived on Allendale Road in Canaan. He was born on March 13, 1888 in Italy, moved to Canaan, and died in North Canaan, CT on August 20, 1975. Some sources state that he died in Falls Village, Litchfield, CT. I am trying to find out which cemetery he was buried in. Any help would be appreciated.


Posted October 9, 2009

I need advice from someone as to how to find information on Benajah Douglas, b Sept 17 1710 in Plainfield CT, d 1760 E Greenbush NY (smallpox) who settled in North Canaan CT by 1750.  He is not  buried in North Canaan or the area as far as I can tell.  Probably because he died of smallpox it seems probable he's buried in E Greenbush.  His wife,  Martha Spaulding committed suicide, they say, before he removed to North Canaan.  His eldest child was Mary who was about 15 when her mother died. She is buried in North Canaan - never married. He and Martha had another 5 or 6 children some of whom are buried in North Canaan. 

That's the background.  Do you have any suggestions as to how I can find out if Benajah remarried before his death in 1760.  Does North Canaan have birth records for this period?  Do they have a separate book, as my town in MA did, for illegitimate children?  I'm looking for the parents/birth of Samuel Douglass, b 1754 (date from gravestone) and of possible birthplace for him.  Benajah seems to be a likely candidate to be father to Samuel. 

I live close enough to CT to be able to visit the Canaan/North Canaan area and have worked quite a bit at the CT Archives at the State Library.  Samuel Douglass is in Schagticoke, Rensselaer Co NY by 1779 and in Pittstown shortly thereafter.  He died in Pittstown in 1811. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you,

Betsey Heath Howes      

Posted October 9, 2009

Looking for information on an Anderson family that lived in North Canaan in the late 1920's and early 1930's.
Pehr (maybe Peter) Anderson born 01 Oct 1840 in Sweden and died 31 Jan 1931 in North Canaan and his wife Kajsa (Cassea, Cassie) born 12 Sep 1844 in Sweden and died 25 Jul 1929 in North Canaan, CT. 
When Pehr died he may have lived on Granite Avenue.  Possible connecting names are Mrs. C. A. Lindell and Mrs. E. W. Barrett. These two ladies gave the death certificate information on the death certificates.  These may have been daughters (one may have  been Selma) or granddaughters of Pehr and Kajsa.  Both Pehr and Kajsa are supposed to be buried in Lower Cemetery. 
Any info would be appreciated, these are brick walls to me. They are my husband's great grandparents.
Thanks for any help,
Carol Wolfe Anderson     

Posted September 15, 2009

My name is Bill Niblick and I run a small antique furniture restoration business outside of Philadelphia, PA. I recently started work on a gaming table that was signed by < James S. Hayward of S.Canaan Litchfield, Conn.
Jan. 30 1909>. The table was not made by a professional cabinetmaker but by a talented amateur who had access to a cabinetmaker for use of his tools. The signature looks authentic based on handwriting, type of lead, and oxidation of the surrounding wood. I have not been able to find anything on Mr. Hayward and was hoping that you could be of some help.

Btw...I have seen similar furniture made by inmates in both prisons and other institutions around the same time.

Any information that you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

Bill Niblick
Reverence For Wood
PO Box #8
Hatboro, PA

Posted September 15, 2009

I'm looking for anything pertaining to William McNeal and his parents who were probably from Litchfield Co.  I have found McNeals and McNeils living in the Canaan and Barkhamsted areas.  This William was born around 1770/1775 and married around 1790/1795.  I have a theory that his bride was a Giles.  I would love to find this marriage record.  He later migrated to Tioga Co., NY.  A probable daughter Ann McNeal was born there in 1806/1807.  Later on, The family migrated again to Scioto Co., OH where Ann married John Huston in 1827.  Thanks a million.
Frank Merriman

Posted September 15, 2009



Posted September 15, 2009

My ancestor Rev. Benjamin Judd is listed in the 1800 US Federal Census as living in Canaan, Litchfield, CT, with his wife and 4 daughters.  Two years later, in 1802, he was settled in the Milton Congregational Church as their first Pastor.
I am trying to find out if he was associated with either the Congregational or Presbyterian Churches in Canaan as a minister during the period from 1799-1801.  He may not have been the principal minister in Canaan, but might have been associated with one of the churches there.
Frank F. Judd     

Posted February 15, 2009

Searching for the ancestors of Samuel Ferguson born abt 1790 (MA or CT) married Mary (Polly) Rood, lived in Sheffield (Clayton village) and perhaps later in N. Canaan. He died ca 1840 and he and widow Polly buried in N. Canaan cemetery. Any information welcome.

Jane Ciosek

Posted November 20, 2008

I am looking for the birth of Lorenzo A King in N Canaan c 1812 to Abiram or Byron King and Parthenia Dunning. I would also need the marriage of Abiram to Parthenia source record. Abiram is listed in the 1800-1830 census for Canaan.

Alys Monod

Posted November 2, 2008

Looking for any information on a "Dyke" family, living in or around Canaan in the early 1800s.  Milo Dyke, my 3 great grandfather states he was born there around 1805/1806, on his marriage certificate.  Have not been able to find any birth record or any information on this family, so any information or suggestion would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
Pam Hillman

Posted November 2, 2008

I'm trying to find the identity of the wife of John Holley (Hawley), resident of Salisbury, CT from the 1750s - 1770s. They were likely married in NW Litchfield County 1776-1780. Her first name was Mary and she was born ca. 1758.

John was born about 1754, probably in Salisbury. He had a brother Stephen, b. 1756, who married Lucy (Hurlburt?) around 1780 in Canaan. Their father was probably Stephen Holley, b. Bedford NY 1720, and who had several children in Salisbury by 2-3 different wives.

John and Mary's oldest child John, Jr. was born Aug 1781, possibly in CT.

The brothers John & Stephen Holley moved with their families to Cornwall, VT no later than 1784. John & Mary later moved to Malone, NY where they died in 1827.

I have searched CT vital records and the Barbour index but haven't found any record of the marriage of John and Mary. Others have searched church records without success, but they indicated they weren't sure if they were searching the right churches or whether the church records were complete. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ned Hawley

Posted October 21, 2007

Looking for family name of COWLES, COLE

SAMUEL I COWLES b. 1639 Hartford CT, d. 17 Apr 1691 at Farmington Hartford CT unmarked grave

son of Samuel I: NATHANIEL b 11 Feb 1671/72, Farmington, Hartford Co, CT, d. 1792 in Southington CT, d. 20 Apr 1806 in Canaan, Litchfield Co, CT

son of Nathaniel: JOSEPH b.17 Sept 1715, Farmington, Hartford Co, CT, d. 20 Apr 1806in Canann, Litchfield Co, CT

son of Joseph: JOEL b. 3 Apr 1765, Canaan, Litchfield Co, CT, d. 23 Feb 1846 in Bellpoint, Delaware Co, OH buried Ashley Union Cemetery, Ashley, Delaware Co, OH

son of Joel: JABEZ b. 20 Apr 1786 Canaan, Litchfield Co, CT, d. 8 Oct 1840 in Bellpoint, Delaware Co, OH buried at Old Mill Creek Cemetery, Ostrander, Delaware Co,. OH; married 8 Oct 1807 to Elizabeth Chamberlain, b.27 Nov 1792 at Ballston, Saratoga Co, NY, d. 20 Dec 1881 at Bellpoint, Delaware Co, OH buried at Old Mill Creek Cemetery, Ostrander Delaware Cty OH.

My maiden name is Cowles. My father was Dorence Sheldon, his father was George Emerson, GE's father was Homer Jabez, Homer Jabez's father was Samuel Jabez, and Samuel Jabez's father was Jabez. I have been to Jabez Cowles grave. I need to know, if I am on the right track and if any of what I have written here can be validated with actual records, pictures of grave stones, etc. I have gotten a lot of information from RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project.

I would appreciate any help...good sources to go to, etc

Brooke Cowles Plummer

Posted October 21, 2007

The Conn. State Library in Hartford is the only library in the country that has the following book: "Lawrence of Canaan, Conn.: Descendants of William Lawrence and Lotte Lawrence" by Robert Buell. Is this the same as: "The Lawrence Family of Canaan, Conn." 1900? Are you familiar with it? Anyhow, I'm trying to determine the ancestors of Herman J. or I. Lawrence b. ca. 1815 in R.I. and lived/married in Portsmouth, Va. Specifically, if his parents were: Jabez Lawrence who married Sally McDonald on June 1, 1812 in Johnston (Providence, R.I.) I believe this Jabez &/or his father moved from the Canaan, Conn. area or the nearby Mass. side of the border to R.I. What can you tell me about the Jabez Lawrence family???  Thank you.

Leonard Arons

Posted October 21, 2007

Land owned by Thomas MINARD in Canaan was up for auction in July 31 1772 issue of the New London Gazette. Auction to be held in Lebanon. The article also mentions Province of New Hampshire. Can anyone explain any of this? How can I get a look-up on the land record? Does this man's name appear in any other Canaan records? I have nothing to indicate that my MINARD line had moved out of New London County before 1797 so finding this is a complete surprise to me and I could use your help. Thank you.

Pat. Maher

Posted October 21, 2007

Need documentation on the parents of Chloe Rowlson who married John Howe about 1768. Parents could be John Rowlson & Esther Ward, need verification. Thanks.

Arloha Scriver

Posted October 21, 2007

Seeking parents of Edward Greene born Canaan, CT 14 July 1808. He married Olive West 1835 Sheffield, MA.

Jean Greene

Posted October 21, 2007

I am searching about my great great grandfather Louis Alphonse JAEGER (or JAGER) - Private - Co E - 2nd Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery from 8/9/1864 to 18/8/1865.

He was born in Colmar - France, maybe about 1835. He is dead in Algeria on 10th July 1899.

Do you know something about him? Maybe he was living in NORTH CANAAN about 1864. It seems he was living in North Canaan when he entered the service on Sept 8, 1864. Thanks for your help.

Marie-Christine Desjardins

Posted October 21, 2007

Ezekiel Judd of Canaan was married to Avis Palmer circa 1795. She may be the Avis Judd who was the second wife of John Beach of Goshen/Norfolk, CT, married in January 1807. I need the death date of Ezekiel, also any land or probate information of him in an effort to confirm the identity of Avis Judd Beach. She was my 3rd great grandmother. Thank you.

 David Swanson

Posted October 21, 2007

I am looking for information on my 4th great-grandparents - ROBERT and SARAH TOMS / TOMBS / TOMES. The only information I have to go on that they ever actually lived in the Canaan, Connecticut area are these two facts below:

1) Military Service: Robert Toms / Tomes "Served from April 9th to November 29, 1756 - 3rd Regiment, 8th Company under Captain John Jeffry and Lt Charles Woodruff of Litchfield Co., CT. Taken from the Book -"Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War - 1755 - 1762 - Vol ll" by Albert C. Bates, Hartford, Connecticut Historical Society.

Question??? Does the above information prove that Robert Tomes actually lived in Connecticut or could he have been from another state nearby and still have enlisted with the CT Militia.????

2) Robert Toms's wife - Sarah (LNU) and Children, were found in documents from the old Canaan, Litchfield Co, Connecticut - Historical "Congregational Church of Canaan" Baptismal Records. Records show Robert and Sarah Toms' first 5 children were baptized in this church in 1761. These records also indicate that Sarah Toms was an "original member" of this church from 1752 to 1761 when it was in Canaan - but then it looks like she and family moved with this church congregation, when many original members re-moved to Stillwater, New York, around 1761.

I would appreciate contact from anyone who knows the History of the Falls Village / Canaan area during the above time period above. One last question......... Does anyone know how TOMS Mountain got it's name???

Thanks for any help or history lesson anyone can offer me.

Judy Mills Boie - Minnesota

Posted February 20, 2005

I have reviewed your CTGenWeb site and was searching for Rev. War Soldiers. I did not find listed my 7th generation Grandfathers name. His name was Marriner Rood, Jr. and served in the Army 7years and was a Captain. Also according to your web site under cemeteries he is buried in North Canaan, Lower cemetery. His dates are 1745-1832. All I am asking for is how do the names of those who served get recorded? Thank you for any information you can pass on to me.

Dick Rood

Posted February 20, 2005

Looking for any info on what was called the "CRISSEY PLACE, NORFOLK, CT" someone thought it was still standing & a Bed & Breakfast now! Had, I believe a pond in back called Crissey Pond, also still there. The house was quite a big place with extended porch like in back & a high gable top like used to look out to sea with. Don't know if I am explaining this right, the place wasn't necessarily right in Norfolk, possible out a ways, could have been towards Canaan or North Canaan. If anyone has any knowledge, I would be so grateful, it was my Ancestors from 1700 through 1800 who lived there, like about 6 generations. Thanks for any help & your time.


Posted Sept. 12, 2004

Looking for information on Jabez Cowels b 1786 in Canaan parents Joel Cowles and Susannah Philps.

Posted Sept. 12, 2004

Looking for data on Seth Stevens and his wife, Rheumy or Rheuama, of New Canaan. Daughter Nancy Stevens B. 1790.
Married Asa June. What was her mother's maiden name? Any info about this family would be appreciated.

Sue Hollenbeck

Posted August 8, 2004

I am attempting to research a Manogue family in Canaan in the 1800s. My great-grandmother was Anna Manogue, born in Canaan (reportedly) December 1855. Her parents seem to have been Patrick and Sarah Manogue. They show up in Canaan in the 1870 Census. Anna later married Joseph Buckley and lived in Dalton, Mass. She died between 1910-1920. I would appreciate any leads anyone has. 

Gerry Keir

Posted August 8, 2004

Could anyone tell me if the home of Nathaniel Stevens In East Canaan still exists? I have a picture that dates back to 1896, but have no idea if it still stands today. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Myra Daniel

Posted August 8, 2004

My husbands grandfather was born in North Canaan,Ct.  His name was Lester Andrew Deane.  Some of his records where marked as just Dean.  He was born 1888 and married Daisy C. Byles.  I am trying to locate the next generation and there relatives.  


Posted August 8, 2004

I am trying to trace the family background of my great grand-father William Henry Stevens (1831-1910) who was born in Canaan, Ct. and whose family ties we believe go back to the Samuel Stewart (1674-1752)  families who lived in Wells, Maine. William Henry Stevens' parents were William Mix Stevens (1806-1880) and mother Polly Ann Richardson, however, I don't have their birth towns/marriage date or where they died? Obviously, I am also in need of their parents names, background and birth & death dates to complete the Maine family connection. My great grand-father William Henry Stevens, was a Civil War veteran and for a time after the war lived in Ohio where he married his first wife (name unknown?). He eventually returned to Canaan and married Francis J. McKissick (date unknown) and they had seven children. I visited the Stevens family gravesite in Norfolk last fall, but have been unable to complete the family genealogy and appreciate
whatever assistance anyone can provide.

Hugh A. Baird

Posted May 29, 2004

Almira Cheffello married Haratio Beardsley Nov 10, 1823.  I actually sent for and have received a copy of the marriage record. The problem is that I do not see any other person with the surname of Cheffello.  I have also seen it spelled Cheffelle in Mr. Bailey's collection, which indicated she is from Canaan. I would like to find Almira's birth record.  It is my belief that the real surname could be like Chappell or Chappelle.  I would guess her birth to be about 1800. Thank you so much.

Greg Kranz

Posted May 29, 2004

John Grant is my 3rd grt. grandfather, he appears on the 1850/1860 Fed. Census and I believe he died between 1860 to 1870. His wife Julia is living with one of her daughters Julia Harris in Canaan, Ct. listed on 1880 census. This couple lived in Salisbury and the children must have gone to school there yet there's no mention of them. There were 5 children Julia, Sarah, John, Marcia and Elijah there was also a Frank Grant but I don't know if he was one of the children or a grandson because he to was mentioned on the 1880 census living with Julia. I'm not sure if this is all you need, also these people were of color. Elijah's children are listed as Indian also one of the girls Sarah is listed as Indian and German on one of her childrens' birth certificates. Thank you. 

Posted May 29, 2004

I am trying to trace the family background of my great grand-father William Henry Stevens (1831-1910) who was born in Canaan, Ct. and whose family ties we believe go back to the Samuel Stewart (1674-1752) families who lived in Wells, Maine. Perhaps someone can help me with names, dates and locations.  William Henry Stevens' parents were William Mix Stevens (1806-1880) and mother Polly Ann Richardson, however, I don't have their birth towns/marriage date or where they died?  Obviously, I am also in need of their parents names, background and birth & death dates to complete the Maine family connection? My great grand-father William Henry Stevens, was a Civil War veteran and for a time after the war lived in Ohio where he married his first wife (name unknown?).  He eventually returned to Canaan and married Francis J. McKissick (date unknown) and they had seven children.  I visited the Stevens family gravesite in Norfolk last fall, but have been unable to complete the family genealogy and appreciate whatever assistance you can provide.

Hugh A. Baird

Posted January 7, 2004

Looking for info on :
Lois Myers STEVENS, (a.k.a. Mrs R. SWITZER) (b. @ 1898 NY), listed in the 1937 Congregational Church , North Canaan, CT membership roster. She had a sister named Barbara Wurts STEVENS NICHOL.
Respond to : Melanie STEVENS Mattson

Posted January 7, 2004

My great, great grandfather was William Mix Stevens (l806?-1880) who married Polly Ann Richardson and both lived in the Canaan area.  Can you please confirm their birth and death dates, places born and died?  It's possible that the elder William Mix Stevens was born in Maine and is related to the Samuel Stewart family of Wells (1674-1752)?  Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Hugh Baird

Posted October 25, 2003

I'm very interested in knowing when and where Joseph BRYAN married Lois and who her parents were. Joseph's birth is listed in Bk 1 of Deeds in Canaan, Litchfield, CT on pg 426. "Joseph Bryan son to Augustin Bryan and Mary his wife was born January, the 5th day, 1748 and entered by me, David Whitney of ?."  Joseph Bryant, from Canaan, CT. was the first settler in 1766  in what was to become  the town of West Stockbridge.  He was married before 1780 to Lois ??  By 1795 he had settled in Ontario Co NY (later Monroe Co.). I would enjoy sharing what information I have about this family and finding out more about them.
Liz Burdick

Posted October 25, 2003

Seeking information regarding John Langdon, ?Revolutionary War Soldier?. Family originally from Wales. Son is Samuel Langdon b. 6 Feb 1772, Litchfield County, Connecticut, carpenter. Samuel had seven children. I don't know any other detail except one of Samuel's son is Luther Langdon (1807-1890) married 28 May 1831, Salisbury, Connecticut, to Sarah (Sallie) Mehold Leavenworth b. 8 Dec 811, Woodbury, Connecticut. Any information or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Mary K. Gratton

Posted October 25, 2003

Looking for info on Archie J. Weaver, Jr. and Bernadette M. Pautot. 
D. Heath

Posted August 30, 2003

Looking for information on Peter Gustaf Anderson  (d. 1931)and his wife Cassie Anderson  (d. 1929)in Canaan or North Canaan, CT.  Possibly lived on Granite Avenue.  Trying to find descendants in area, possibly  a daughter, Selma Anderson who married unknown.  Selma was born 1870 in Sweden.  Possible connection names:  Mrs. C. A. Lindell and Mrs. E. W. Barrett.    These two names are listed as informants on the death certificates of the above named Anderson's.  The Anderson's are possibly  buried in Lower Cemetery.  Possible funeral home was Scoville(?) as undertaker was G. C. Scoville.      children  of Peter & Cassie were Karl (Charles)August (who married Berta Westereberg and moved to Colorado), Selma Charlotta, Frans (Frank) Viktor, Freda Matilda, Gustaf Adolph, Herman Albin, Ellin Olivia, Klas Johan, Anna Maria, and  Ada Josefina all born in Sweden.  Their father used the name "Hilding" in Sweden. I know of Karl (Charles) August who was my husband's grandfather, but info on his siblings is unknown.   Peter and Cassie supposedly moved to Canaan, CT to be with one of more of their children,  possibly Selma. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  These folks are my husband's great grandparents.  Even if someone could look up an obit in archived newspapers would probably help. Thanks in advance.

C. A. Anderson

Posted January 31, 2003

I am looking for the parents of Anna Rockwell b. Feb. 26, 1781 in Canaan, CT.  If anyone has any information that might help I would appreciate it.  She married Jacob Stowell b. Dec. 22, 1774 in Newton, Mass. on Dec. 22, 1802.

Rosemary Hagemyer

Posted January 3, 2003

Am looking for Canaan, Kent, or Farmington family connections to James and Ester Pierce Caldwell. Married ?? Died in 1812 in Litchfield County CT. Had several children. Samuel, James, Milo, Margaret and etc. If interested please contact me.


Posted November 9, 2002

Looking for info on Donald GEDDES  who was a State Trooper.  Marriage may be listed in the Canaan area for he and an Irene HURLEY abt 1923-25.  If found, who were his parents etc.



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