History of Canaan and North Canaan
Litchfield County, Connecticut

The Joshua Mudge Family
Canaan, Litchfield County, CT
Contributed By:
Terry Mudge


                “Joshua was a farmer and resided in Canaan, Ct., where three of

            his children were born. He sold the farm  in 1773 & moved to

            Unadilla, N.Y. where six of his children were born; thence to

            Newport, Herkimer Co. where he lived for a short time.  He then

            moved to Pennsylvania. He lived there until old age, and then

            moved to live with son Ebenezer in Chili, N.Y. where he died.  He

            was an active man in his day, volunteered as a private in the

            French & Indian War at the age of 20 and served under Gen.

            Abercrombie at the siege of Oswego, N.Y. where he received a

            wound which was caused by a canon ball striking a rock, knocking

            off a piece, which struck him over the right eye, destroying that

            organ.  He also served at times, for two or three years in the Rev.

            War.  He was in the Battle of Bennington in August 1777 under Col.

            Stark, and at Saratoga on the surrender of Burgoyne.  He was

            universally respected as an upright man.  In politics, a Whig; in

            religion a believer in the salvation of all mankind.”  ............ Mudge Memorials




            b. December 1, 1776 in Unadilla, N.Y.; d. December 9,1822 in

            Sullivan Twp. Tioga, Co. Pa.  State Road  Cemetery

m. Lucena  (?) about 1801, probably in Unadilla, N.Y.; she b. May 23, 1775 in Ct.;

d. July 25, 1819 in Sullivan Twp., State Road Cemetery


Calista b. 1803; m. Decius Lewis

CORNISH  b. June 9, 1805

Sena  b. April 1, 1808; d. July 10, 1841; m. Calvin Barrows; bur. State Road

            Ira b. 1809; d, Apr. 24, 1889; m. Clarissa Elliott; bur. Cherry Flats, Tioga  Co., Pa.

            Aurelia  b. Sept. 12, 1809; d. Aug. 7, 1875 in Cedar Co. Iowa;m.Philemon Baker

            Hannah b. Apr. 27, 1811; d. Dec. 25, 1881 – bur. Troy,Pa.; m. Alfred Leonard

            Israel b. 1813; moved to Mich. then Iowa – a J.P. in Cedar Co. Iowa; 

                m. Melissa Olds in 1835 in Michigan.

            Amos b. 1815; d. Nov. 29, 1897 in Sullivan Twp. Pa. m.(1)  Lucy Bronson &

                 (2) Caroline Squires – bur. Ames Hill Cemetery, Mainesburg, Pa.


Ira married Lucena (?) prior to 1804.  In 1806, they migrated from Unadilla,  N.Y. to 

Sullivan Twp. then an unbroken wilderness. They followed the dry Corey Creek

bed during a drought with their oxen, household goods and

            either three infants or two infants and a pregnancy, to their new

            holdings in Sullivan Twp.  They settled in the area that is now the

            State Road Cemetery.  She died at age 44 and is the  first known

            burial in the State Road Cemetery.  He died at age 46 leaving the

            younger children orphaned and in the care of older siblings and a

            brother of Ira who had also migrated.




b. October 23, 1709 in Lebanon , Ct. ; d. Feb. 28, 1802/3 in New Ashford , Mass.

m. (1) Hannah (?) on July 8, 1736 in Haddam.


Ebenezer b. Apr. 13,1737

Hannah b, Feb. 28, 1738/9

JOSHUA b. May 30, 1741

Abigail b. Sept. 13, 1743

Samuel b. 1748

m. (2) Patience Fuller after Jan. 21, 1752 in Sharon, Ct. She d. abt. 1769/70


Patience b. July 7, 1753 (died young)

Stephen b. 1758

m. (3) Marcy (Mary/Mercy) Wilcoxson Cornish abt. 1771. She had become a

widow when her husband had been killed by a kick of a horse in Canaan. Earlier,

Ebenezer’s son Joshua had married Marcy’s daughter Mary Cornish in 1767.

Ebenezer moved to Sharon, Ct. by April 1752, and in Canaan, Ct. by Sept.1763.

Ebenezer was a founding member of the E. Canaan Congregational Church &

preached for several years. He was called “Father Mudge” & was respected,

“possessing all his faculties at his death”. Upon the records of the first town

meeting of New Ashford, in 1775, his name appears as one of the proprietors

of 18 named. He took an active part in the Rev. War, and was one of “The

Committee of Safety.” His wife and descendants later moved to Argle, Wash.

Co., N.Y.


b. May 30, 1741 in Haddam, Ct.; d. March 13, 1812 in Chili, N.Y.

m. Mary Cornish on September 10, 1767 in Canaan, Ct. She b. Oct. 27, 1742 in

Canaan, Ct.; d. in 1808 in Unadilla, N.Y. Her parents were Gabriel Cornish &

Marcy Wilcoxson.


Amasa b. Jan. 23, 1768 in Canaan, Ct.; m. (?) Chilson


Ebenezer b. Dec. 29, 1769 ; d. July 26, 1840 in Madison, Mich ..

     m. Sara Skinner

Marcy b. May 30, 1772 in Canaan; May 16, 1845; m. Samuel Mudge

Joshua b. 1774; d. Oct. 5, 1850 in LaGrange Co., Ind.; m. Francy (?)

Aaron b. 1775; d. St. Louis, Mo.; m. Phoebe Fellows d. 1851 State

Road Cemetery, Tioga Co. Pa.

Amos b. 1777 in Unadilla, NY; d. Queenstown, Ct. at age 35

IRA b. Dec. 1, 1776 (Mudge Memorials: 1773; gravestone: 1778)

Ezekiel b. 1779 in Unadilla, NY; d. Queenstown, Ct. at age 33

Betsey b. 1781; m. William Campbell; in Butler Co. Ohio by 1838





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