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Posted March 15, 2009

I have a dead end in Bolton CT. "Betsy" THATCHER is said to have born here 28 Jan 1753. Her family moved on to Norwich VT where she married John BROWN in 1777. Anyone having access to the CT births of era-1753 could possibly do a lookup for me. This is my "Betsy" page:

Joan Provost

Posted February 10, 2009

I don't know if you can help me but I thought it was worth a try. My great-grandfather was born in Bolton in 1834. His name was Charles Ward Fox. He is my dead end. He married Mary Elizabeth Lyman, served in the 22nd ct infantry and moved to Iowa. I cant find any information on his parents. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. By the way, Mary Lyman is a direct descendant of William Brewster of the Mayflower. Thank you very much.

Michael Fox

Posted November 8, 2008

I am searching for LOIS CHAPMAN b. 1740 in CT or NY. Was she related to John Chapman born in North Stonington, who married in Bolton first to Hannah KINGSBURY and later to Mary BOARDMAN?

Justine Miller

Posted October 21, 2007

Carpenter Family in Bolton CT: We have the following family who were living in Bolton from 1727 to 1757 according to land records.

Jedediah Carpenter Born in Northhampton Mass 1 Oct 1697 the son of Benjamin Carpenter and Hannah Strong. The family moved to Coventry in 1705 and to Bolton about 1725. His first son was Daniel born sometime before 1726. Later children were baptized in the Bolton Church: Joel, Ruth, Nathan, Samuel, Dorcas, and Ezekial. Their mother's name is not given. From these records we know that Jedediah lived in Bolton from 1727 to 1757. We would like to learn the name of his wife and his profession.

The Carpenter records continue with son Daniel receiving land from his father in 1777 in Coventry. Jedediah's wife died a widow in Stafford 9 Jan. 1784.

Daniel Sr. does not seem to have lived in Bolton except briefly around 1770. But his son Daniel Carpenter JR enlisted in the Revolution in East Hartford while a resident of Bolton. His account of his war experience is a part of his pension application of April 13, 1818 from Vienna, NY, #48116. "Daniel Carpenter while a resident of Bolton, "CT, enlisted in Nov. or Dec. 1775, served as a private in Captain Ozias Bissel's Co, Colonel Jedediah Huntington's CT Regiment and was discharged in Nov. 1776. He says he was stationed at an island near Boston during winter of 1775 and in the spring marched to NY city. He became sick in Sept 1776 and placed in hospital in Ny until end of year."

Winnie Sihon

Posted October 21, 2007

I noticed an ancestor's name from the Congregational Church marriages which was organized in 1725. William Burnham and Jersuha Clark were married in 1734. Would there be any way to see if any of their children were baptized there. We are looking in particular for Frederick born approx. 1742. Thank you,

Mary Hawkins      MARBETHH@AOL.COM

Posted October 21, 2007

I'm starting to help my dad solidify some of our records tracing our lineage. The line I'm working on right now extends back to Francis Cooke of the Mayflower, and weaves its way through Bolton CT!

I just found your website listing marriages. I didn't find the one I was hoping for. I'm looking for Reuben King & Susanna Millard who were reportedly married 15 Oct 1772.

I'm working my way backwards from Francis Cooke toward myself. The first 5 generations from Francis Cooke down are all documented already (through the Mayflower Society folks), The first generation I need to prove starts with the (documented) birth of Reuben King 22 Feb 1752 in Bolton CT.

I have some info that says Reuben married a Susanna Millard in Bolton CT 15 Oct 1772. (The DAR has her listed as his wife so I'm feeling good about this bit.)

I'm looking to document that marriage and their offspring. I'm guessing they stayed in the area because they both apparently died in the area. (My dad says Rueben's grave stone is in Vernon... 26 Dec 1831 I believe.)

Anyway, any pointers would be greatly appreciated! I'm a complete novice. My daughter is a history buff and is very interested in learning about her family tree.


Posted October 21, 2007

Linda, I have been researching Thomas Loomis, b. 1687/88d. m 12/jan. 1770, Bolton Ct. His first wife is listed as: Sarah. 2nd. wife, Mary Dart. Sarah's tombstone suppose to be the oldest in Bolton Cemetery. Do you know Sarah's Maiden Name,? Was it Hunter? Thank you for any info. you may be able to add.

August 25, 2005

Apparently this site is just starting so here is a first from the ChenangoCo. NY information site.
Wealthy Phelps born Oct. 18, 1785 in Bolton, Ct.
                        died  Sept. 19, 1822
married Dec. 25, 1806
Samuel A. Smith in Guilford, Chenango Co. NY
I am researching the Phelps family , mainly a James Phelps who went to Guilford and then to Oxford, Chenango Co., NY .
He arrived with a man named Button and a man named Elijah Blackman . He and Elijah helped form the town of Oxford and is my several greats back, grandfather. I guess the Chenango area would be better named "Little Connecticut" by the names. :-)  There is a wealth of Connecticut names on the Chenango Co. History website.
Sincerely, Jeanne Freireich

May 28, 2005

I am a decendant of the Lee family. My grandefather was Orrin Lee of Bolton Ct, born March 29, 1917 to Orrin and Alice Lee (maiden name Belcher). His siblings include Herbert Lee, Annabelle Lee, Elenor Lee. His father was also married before he married Alice and had the following children: Irene (Fanny) Lee, Ethel Lee, Ace Lee, Nathan Lee, Sarah and Mary Lee (and more children but I don't have all their names). I'm looking for any information on the Lee family, especially birth certficates for Orrin R Lee (my grandefather's father) or any other information that is available including birth/death certificates, obituries, property information, church records, etc.

Sarah Normandie


May 28, 2005

Ferguson/Brace - I am looking for Jared Ferguson b: Feb 11, 1794 in Bolton, CT. In 1816 he married Annie Brace. Looking for parents, siblings, children.

Maylene Chaska

February 20, 2005

Ralph COX married Hannah BISHOP 13 Jan 1756. It looks like they stayed in Bolton until around 1771, then moved to Becket, Berkshire Co., MA. They had 9 children in Bolton and a possible 3 or 4 more in Becket. (Names and b-dates available).


July 7, 2000

Here is what I'm looking for: 

Descendants of Samuel & Sarah Ward Bartlett
SAMUEL (II) BARTLETT (SAMUEL (I), ROBERT, MR.) was born August 26, 1677 
in Northhampton, Mass, and died November 19, 1746 in Bolton, (Tolland Co) CT. 
He married SARAH WARD April 09, 1706 in Northampton, Mass

Children of Samuel Bartlett and Sarah Ward are:
SARAH BARTLETT, b. March 12, 1706, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT.
HAZEDIAH BARTLETT, b. September 22, 1708, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
EXPERIENCE BARTLETT, b. August 03, 1710, Bolton, Tolland Co CT; d. March 21, 1749, Colchester, New London, CT.
SAMUEL (III) BARTLETT, b. July 18, 1712, Bolton Tolland Co. CT; d. July 07, 1740, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT.
EDMUND BARTLETT, b. June 17, 1714, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT.
JONATHAN (CAPT.) BARTLETT, b. August 01, 1716, Bolton, CT; d. January 17, 1759, East Windsor, CT.
ELEANOR BARTLETT, b. March 03, 1719, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT; d. 1795, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT.
EUNICE BARTLETT, b. January 20, 1720, Bolton, Tolland Co, CT; d. February 07, 1725, Bolton, Tolland Co, CT.
GERSHOM BARTLETT, b. February 19, 1723, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT; d. Bolton, Tolland, CT.
EUNICE BARTLETT, b. February 07, 1724, Bolton, (Tolland County) Conn.
JOSEPH BARTLETT, b. April 14, 1725, Southampton, Hampshire, Mass.

Here is another one;

born July 18, 1712 in Bolton Tolland Co. CT, and died July 07, 1740 in 
Bolton, Tolland Co., CT. He married MARGARET TUDOR Bef 1732 in Bolton, 
Tolland Co., CT.

Child of Samuel Bartlett and Margaret Tudor is:
ABIGAIL BARTLETT, b. October 08, 1739, Bolton, (Tolland County) Conn.

June 17, 1714 in Bolton, Tolland Co., CT. He married ELIZABETH FIELD June 
27, 1745 in Bolton Tolland Co., Conn, daughter of Joshua Field and Elizabeth 

Children of Edmund Bartlett and Elizabeth Field are:
ITHMAR BARTLETT, b. February 23, 1744, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn; d. March 19, 1812, Norwich, Windsor Vermont.
THAMER BARTLETT, b. January 04, 1746.
ELIPHAZ BARTLETT, b. July 10, 1748, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
SAMUEL BARTLETT, b. May 26, 1754, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT; d. January 25, 1811, Bolton, Tolland Co., CT.
EDMUND BARTLETT, b. May 08, 1757, Bolton, (Tolland County) Conn; m. RHONDA HYDE, March 05, 1823, Vernon, Tolland Co. CT.

March 03, 1719 in Bolton, Tolland Co., CT, and died 1795 in Bolton, Tolland 
Co., CT. She married JAMES HARPER 1795 in Bolton, Tolland Co., CT.

Child of Eleanor Bartlett and James Harper is:
MERIAM HARPER, b. June 25, 1750, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.

February 19, 1723 in Bolton, Tolland Co., CT, and died in Bolton, Tolland, 
CT. He married MARGARET DARTE Bef 1748 in Bolton, Tolland Co., CT, daughter 
of Daniel Darte and Jemima Shayler.

Children of Gershom Bartlett and Margaret Darte are:
JOSEPH BARTLETT, b. January 23, 1748, Bolton, Tolland, Connecticut.
LUCEY BARTLETT, b. November 18, 1750, Bolton, Tolland, Connecticut.
MARGARET BARTLETT, b. September 06, 1752, Windsor, Connecticut.
GERSHOM BARTLETT, b. June 09, 1754, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn; d. June 03, 1755, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
GERSHOM BARTLETT, b. March 03, 1756, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn; d. 1839, Norwich, Windsor Co., Vermont.
SARAH BARTLETT, b. January 22, 1758, Bolton, (Tolland County) Conn.
ELIOT BARTLETT, b. December 16, 1760, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn; d. Norwich, Windsor Vermont.
JONATHAN BARTLETT, b. June 13, 1762, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
MARY BARTLETT, b. July 12, 1765, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
MOSES BARTLETT, b. January 24, 1767, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn; d. July 30, 1768, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
MOSES BARTLETT, b. February 09, 1769, Bolton, Tolland Co., Conn.
JARIUS BARTLETT, b. September 22, 1771.

Any information on any of these individuals would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You for your help. 

Ruth Bartlett

August 3, 1999

I am a descendent of Joshua Hutchins b 13 Dec 1788, the son of Joshua Hutchins b 19 Sep 1755 and RHODA NEWTON b ??? All were born in Bolton CT and probably attended the Congregational Church. Does anyone know who Rhoda's parents were and when she was born? Also, the only info we have on Joshua (1788) about marriage is that his wife's name was Nancy b 22 Jan 1793. Nancy and Joshua moved to Luzerne Co, PA abt 1809/10. Any info would be appreciated.

Sarah Hutchins Ambrose

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