This tree represents the results of my family research.  Genealogy is my hobby and occupies much of my spare time.  My family is very important to me and one could say that I am addicted to my past, embellish the present, and look with wonder at the future.  I have been most fortunate as I have traced my family roots back 13 generations.  My roots run deep and are filled with the historical events of the past.




However, there are those who are not as fortunate.  Their family history begins with themselves and they are unable to share the stories of their family heritage.  They cannot celebrate the joy of finding a new cousin.  Their family history begins with the day that they were born and there is no known past beyond that date.  This is the world of the adoptee and this barren tree represents the results of their family research.



I will not expound on the subject of "adoptees" or the subject of birth parents or adoptive parents.  I am not an expert on the subject.  I am not even well versed on the subject.  This page is dedicated to a good friend who is not only an adoptee but also a birth mother.  And, as a birth mother, she is seeking her birth son.





Born 2/1/73

Born 10/5/74

7# 15-1/2 oz.

9# 2 oz.

Lutheran Deaconess Hospital

Lutheran Deaconess Hospital

Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota


Half Brother to Adoptee

Name at Birth: John Steven Scott  
Birth Mom: Diane L. Scott  
Birth Dad: Lyle J. Hedlund  
Placed for Adoption thru the Lutheran Social Services  

These two infants look very much alike.  They are both placed on this page for comparison purposes only.  The following picture is "Michael", the adoptee's half brother at the age of 25. 

Today, John Steven Scott may still resemble his half brother.



If you know someone that looks like Michael or if your baby pictures look like those above and you were born in 1973, please consider contacting your birth mother as follows:  

Diane L. Scott  

ddolsen_99@yahoo.com    or   diane_55@ivillage.com



November 23, 2000

Diane has FOUND her birth son!!!

"All things are possible..."

Happy Thanksgiving, Diane......from your friend, the webmaster :)



Update: The following information was submitted to the birth mother (Diane) by the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota on March 30, 2000

Information Regarding the Adoptive Parents

The adoptive father was 32 years of age when your son joined the family. He had completed high school and was employed as a Group Leader for a large company. He was reported to be a hard working, considerate person, rather aggressive but with gentle feelings, extremely active and enthusiastic in snowmobile racing, working with young people, and bowling.

The adoptive mother was 29 years of age when your son joined the family. She had completed high school and beauty school. She was employed as a beautician. She was described as a quiet, reserved, kindly person, a good listener, sensitive, somewhat independent, rather self-sufficient, supportive of her husband but needed some leadership from him.

The couple had been married for eleven years and had a close relationship and shared interests such as camping, snowmobiling, bowling, painting and decorating. Both were active in their church and community groups.

They had adopted a daughter who was born in 1970. She was a mixed racial child and she had been well accepted in their home.



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Understanding the Adopted Child

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This page was created for Diane L. Scott

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April 23, 2000

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"To grow old and become the newest addition to the roots of the family tree is sad but inevitable."

"To grow old and become the base root (generation #1) and never even know your birth parents and hence never know your family history or family stories from the past is a tragedy and almost unforgivable."

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